Nurse Practitioner

Neurosurgeons of New Jersey is accepting applications and interviewing for the right experienced Nurse Practitioner for a full-time position in Ridgewood, New Jersey. The ideal candidate will have a passion for providing high-quality medical care, collaborative approach to facility, patients, and family dynamics, and oversight for neurosurgical patients.

Job Description

The nurse practitioner (NP) will serve as the clinical extender for all their patients not admitted to a participating hospital. The NP will primarily perform clinical duties but will also have to absorb some of the administrative responsibilities for their practices. The NP will work on a 5-day schedule, approximately 9-5 daily. The following is a line item description of the responsibilities:


  • Answer/address clinical concerns of all patients. Any call coming/received by the administrative assistant that involves a clinical issue will be forwarded to the NP.
  • Would include writing prescriptions for medication, PT, studies/tests.
  • Coordinate post-operative care for patients – need for office visits/studies/tests.
  • Evaluate any patient that returns unexpectedly when either physician is not in the office.
  • Coordinate with PA’s regarding DC planning- prescriptions/consults/follow-up.
  • See post-op patients, particular those that are beyond the 90 day window of follow-up.
  • Coordinate with clinical trial staff regarding outcomes data acquisition.
  • Arrange referrals for patients during regular office hours or as needed and/or requested by surgeon.
  • Contact/develop relationship with referring physician’s office.
  • Pre-operative Patient Management.
  • Office/OR scheduling will be handled by the administrative assistant, not the NP.
  • Provide an accurate and complete submission for surgery precertification.
  • Work with office staff, patient, and insurance specialist (lawyers) to coordinate precertification process.
  • Help to identify areas of improvement for this process and work to improve cancellation rate.
  • Provide pre-surgical counseling for all operative patients.
  • Arrange and follow-up on pre-operative clearance tests/consults/medications.
  • Assist in coordinating OR equipment/monitoring.
  • Verify imaging is available for surgeries.
  • Postoperative patient management.
  • Maintain regular contact with postoperative patients to keep an on-going assessment of how patients are doing, field routine calls regarding postoperative patient concerns and medical issues, involving the appropriate surgeon or covering physician as needed.
  • See post-operative patients in the office outside of routine postoperative visits as needed to address any immediate concerns.
  • Coordinate pre and post-operative pain plan in conjunction with Valley pain service or outside pain management specialist.
  • Fluent in all state opioid prescription laws and make sure office is compliant.
  • See postoperative patients for scheduled visits that do not require the MD, such as wound healing evaluations, drain removal, assessments for postoperative imaging needs, etc.
  • See non-operative patients and coordinate conservative care
  • This would include tracking referrals to designated ancillary services such as pain and PT.
  • Identify and verify documentation of referral source.
  • Track outgoing referrals to PT, pain, neurology, etc
  • Participate in peer-to-peer process, identifying the reasons for initial denials and making every effort to resolve these issues without the physician, either by providing missing information or representing the office in the peer-to-peer discussion.
  • Coordinate back to work and disability forms.
  • A certain amount of time will be allocated to cross-cover nurses from other practices (This is not expected to be a significant time expenditure.


  • If possible, the NP may be asked to carve out time to visit hospital pts and see the post-op patients.
  • Identify new problems, verify implementation of care, order tests/studies/consults.
  • Coordinate care with PA’s and surgeon.
    • Performs other job-related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Requires current DEA license and New Jersey State NP certification.
  • A minimum of 3 years related experience required.
  • Demonstrated ability to provide efficient and comprehensive primary care in a collaborative medical home model of care.
  • Proven expertise in neurosurgery and spine surgery.
  • Must demonstrate excellent collaboration and communication skills. Knowledge of electronic health record strongly desired.

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