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Our Philosophy

Complex Care, Clarified

At Neurosurgeons of New Jersey, we have a patient-centered treatment philosophy, that is our patients come first. Our mission is to provide patients with outstanding care by the best neurosurgeons in the country and achieve excellent outcomes.

Outstanding Patient Care from an Exceptional, Multidisciplinary Team

Our practice has been growing for over two decades and today, we have the largest number of Neurosurgeons spanning the tri-state area. Each of our doctors is able to develop the highest degree of specialization in their chosen area. As a result, we have also become one of the most sub-specialized groups in the tri-state area. We are also the largest group of Neurosurgeons covered under Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Our surgeons see patients at all of our office locations and surgeries are performed at these hospitals.

An ever-growing number of surgical specialists and sub-specialists and a dedicated nursing team for neurosurgery patients combine to deliver outstanding care, making clear communication about complicated conditions a priority so that patients and their families are equipped to make wise decisions.

The degree of specialization of our surgeons, who perform high volumes of procedures in their areas of expertise, helps secure better outcomes. In addition, our dedicated nursing team coordinates exemplary pre-op education and post-op care, often resulting in quicker-than-expected recovery times.

Research and Expertise

The doctors here at Neurosurgeons of New Jersey continually strive to be leaders in their fields. Many surgeons from our team have collaborated with each other and other surgeons in the field to publish studies in their specialties, as well as perform research that explores new approaches for treating a vast degree of neurological conditions.

Our affiliation with the Department of Neurosurgery at Columbia enables individual surgeons to provide patients with extraordinary technical expertise using state-of-the-art equipment, techniques and facilities. In addition, patients may have the opportunity to participate in clinical studies and learn how new developments in medicine and technology may apply to their conditions.

Conservative Treatment Approach

We are committed to providing patients with the most appropriate evidence-based approach for addressing their neurological conditions. As a professional academic practice, we are routinely engaged in clinical research that pushes the envelope.

However, our treatment philosophy is essentially conservative: surgery is not always the right solution for every patient. The best treatments may or may not include surgery, and we approach every patient’s case with this unique perspective.

An advantage of our academic affiliation and our focus on specialized expertise is that patients are directed to the most appropriate specialist rather than the first available surgeon. We don’t provide incentives for doctors to work outside their specialties, we promote cross-discipline consultation.