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Our Patient Stories

We’re not just your doctors.

From the inception of Neurosurgeons of New Jersey, we’ve continued to focus our efforts on a patient-centric philosophy. Focused treatments lead to great outcomes, and being our patient’s advocates every step of the way provides us more fulfillment than just another successful case.

I can’t even describe the pain… Dr. D’Ambrosio, he saved my life.

– Frank

A leader in cranial neurosurgery, our Facial Wellness specialist Dr. Anthony D’Ambrosio sought to help his patient when all else failed. Watch Frank’s story about his Trigeminal Neuralgia treatment and how we helped him get back to a pain-free life.

  • "I woke up...without that pain

    that was gonna drive me right out of my mind. Thank goodness... You are the best of the best."

    Phil | New Jersey
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  • “She exudes confidence right away...

    even at the very beginning when she had no idea who I was.”

    Elyse | New Jersey
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  • “He is a brilliant, brilliant surgeon

    with the best bedside manner... He was just phenomenal.”

    Linda | New Jersey
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  • Pediatric Scoliosis Story

    "Without them, I wouldn't be dancing,

    I wouldn't even be walking properly."

    Gianna | New Jersey
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  • "Truly he is a blessing to me and my family, and without his care I would not be here today in the condition I am in."

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  • "I want someone to read my story and say...

    ‘this could happen to me—I could be better after this."

    Brittany | Massachusetts
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  • "Thanks to all for giving me back a life of normalcy."

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  • "His knowledge and friendly, warm demeanor

    enabled us to immediately have confidence in him as a highly skilled neurosurgeon..."

    Alan | New Jersey
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  • "A very patient doctor who takes the time with you.

    I would recommend him to anyone."

    Maureen | New Jersey
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  • "Your skill, knowledge and positive outlook...

    played a major role in my recovering so well and so quickly."

    Victoria | New Jersey
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  • "He knew exactly what the problem was...

    I was completely confident in him.”

    Susan | New Jersey
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  • "He is not an ordinary person...

    he was the only one who could help me..."

    Lillian | New Jersey
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  • "How do I begin to thank God and for giving me my life back?

    I am a true miracle."

    Linda | New Jerseuy
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  • “Dr. Anderson was incredibly comforting.

    We had such a sense of confidence in him, in the surgery he was about to perform,” says Joe.

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  • "I will never forget the words that Dr. Anderson first said..."

    "This is a solvable problem."

    Tracee | New York
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  • "His integrity and confidence were clear when he commented that I might still want to seek out other opinions...

    NO other surgeon I had seen had been that kind and honest.”

    Carol | New York
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