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After suffering for over forty years of extreme back pain which subsequently developed into quite painful sciatica discomfort, I was in need of any type of immediate relief. My Pain Management Physician referred me to this facility; specifically Dr. Gaetan Moise. Dr. Moise immediately diagnosed my condition and gave his suggestion of how he could assist in giving me the relief and comfort that I so desperately needed to improve my quality of life. Dr. Moise quickly scheduled me to perform the surgical procedure that he deemed necessary. It has been 1 month since my surgery was performed and I haven’t felt such relief from my back issues in God knows when, nor did I believe that there was any hope in having some normalcy in my daily life that would be and could be free of Excruciating pain…Dr. Moise asked me to trust his expertise and that I would be pleased with the results of his surgical procedures. He was absolutely correct; I am truly free of years of pain and I owe it all to Dr. Gaetan Moise, his fine and polite staff along with all of the attending participants at Valley Hospital. Thanks to all for giving me back a life of normalcy. I am so appreciative of your existence and expertise in helping those who are in dire need of your services…. Thanks to ALL!