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Peripheral Nerve Conditions

Let’s maximize your potential

Neurosurgeons of New Jersey are well versed in the wide range of treatments associated with peripheral nerve conditions. We aim to maximize function and minimize pain all while helping patients reach their full potential.

Protecting your nervous system

The human nervous system consists of four parts: brain, spinal cord, autonomic nervous system and peripheral nerves. Peripheral nerves are cord-like structures containing bundles of nerve fibers that carry information between various regions and the spinal cord.

Some nerves, such as the sciatic nerve, are quite large, exceeding 1 centimeter in diameter, and may be more than 3 feet long. Others are so small that they cannot be readily seen without magnification. Regardless of size, peripheral nerve disorders can be uncomfortable, painful, and even disabling.

Our surgeons are practiced in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of peripheral nerve problems, including injuries (such as lacerations), entrapments (such as carpal tunnel syndrome) and tumors (such as neurofibroma).

Our goal is to maximize function, minimize suffering, and help patients realize their full potential in spite of these painful and sometimes disabling disorders. We offer a wide range of proven treatments, including noninvasive therapies as well as surgery.

Determination of an appropriate treatment is based on a comprehensive neurological examination that may include electrodiagnostic studies, imaging studies or nerve biopsy.

Our surgeons have expertise with a range of treatment procedures, from minimally invasive decompression to complex and lengthy brachial plexus reconstruction and tumor excision.

Studies consistently demonstrate that experienced surgeons and practitioners at neuroscience centers of excellence achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Our specialists in peripheral nerve conditions