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Photo by Sal Benedetto

Photo by Sal Benedetto

Ask anyone around here and you will hear that patients love Dr. Anthony D’Ambrosio. As a neurosurgeon, he deeply affects the lives of his patients and their families. This is the nature of his profession but also has to do with his skill level and his commitment to providing the best care possible–a great bedside manner doesn’t hurt either.

We could go on and on, of course, but we think all of this is better coming from one of his patients. New Jersey resident, Victoria A. Yahm, received treatment for a brain tumor recently and has sent Dr. D’Ambrosio a letter. Share in her high regard for this outstanding neurosurgeon in the excerpt of her letter below:


Dear Dr. D’Ambrosio,

I would […] like to take this opportunity to express to you my most heartfelt appreciation for not only your skill but your compassion throughout this process. Having been in good health for most of my life finding out I had a brain tumor was a very scary diagnosis for me and my family as well. As the wife/mother who presented herself as the strong one who keeps everything together for our family to say this shook us all is a mild statement. However, after consulting with you I felt calm and confident that all would be okay. Your willingness to discuss/explain everything to any family member gave me a sense of peace and enabled me to continue to be strong for them.

Your skill, knowledge and positive outlook played a major role in my recovering so well and so quickly. I truly feel that not only do I owe my life to you, but that I was blessed to find myself placed in your more than capable hands.

I also appreciate your staff for arranging tests, scheduling appointments and handling insurance procedures with seamless effort.

Saying “Thank You” seems so insufficient but I can find no words that truly express my feelings appropriately, so I will stick with those two simple words with the hope that you know the depth of emotion and gratitude they contain.

Victoria A. Yahm


Learn more about Dr. Anthony D’Ambrosio on his bio page here.
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