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As we all know, word-of-mouth can be the very best way to find a physician, and no one speaks more highly about the Neurosurgeons here at Columbia University Medical Center and their New Jersey affiliates than their patients do. We know this because, not only do they tell us in person, they often send letters too.

Dr. Gaetan Moise, one of our neurosurgeons of New Jersey, just received a wonderful letter of gratitude from his patient, Linda Edwards. With her permission, we have transcribed the letter below so you can share in her high regard for this outstanding neurosurgeon.

Dear Dr. Moise,

How do I begin to thank God and you for giving me my life back? I am a true miracle. Your skills as a neurosurgeon and compassion as a human being made me so comfortable being in your care. You made me feel like you knew Linda, the wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. You have given me the greatest gift a person could get, my quality of life back. God wanted you to be my surgeon, that’s why it was postponed. It could not have worked out better. 

I am doing well. I have no nerve pain in my body. But a little nerve spasms if I move too quickly. I guess that is part of the healing process. Even the tingling in my left wrist that had been there for a year since I broke it is gone. I can walk unassisted and pain free. I walked three blocks with Gary this morning. I tried to get him to dance with me on the street corner, but he was embarrassed. Lol… I am just so happy. I am my bubbly self again. 

Last night I was laughing so hard, and when I realized it, I started crying my eyes out. Do you know how long I have feared laughing because I would gag, lose my breath or go into a coughing spell triggering a compression headache. They say that laughing is the best medicine so now I know I will recover. 

The only real problem I have doctor is that I can’t stop crying tears of gratitude to our Lord and my Miracle Doctor. I feel better every day. 

May God bless you and the way you have blessed me. See you on Thursday. 

Your most grateful, grateful, grateful patient,

Linda Edwards 🙂

To learn more about Dr. Moise, see his bio page here.
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