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This past weekend, I ran my first 5K, along with my 8-year-old son, in the annual Stephen Siller Tunnel to Tower run. It has been roughly 6 years since I was treated by Dr. Ogden and his staff. I first saw Dr. Ogden in 2011, back when I was experiencing severe back pain and sciatica. My condition was so bad some days I could not even get out of bed, and even lying in bed was painful.

Before I saw Dr. Ogden I saw countless professionals, ranging from chiropractors to orthopedists. But it was really until Dr. Ogden saw me, did I find my way to real recovery. Dr. Ogden was so pleasant, did not pressure me into surgery, but he laid out all of my options. In the end, we both decided it was the best course of action to pursue a microdiscectomy. Dr. Ogden was totally honest and candid and gave me a realistic 75% probability of a full recovery.

The treatment went smoothly (my first ever surgery), and my recovery has been more than what I expected. Being able to run a 5K is a testament of my recovery. I want to thank Dr. Ogden for his professionalism, his care, and his sympathetic practice of medicine. Truly he is a blessing to me and my family, and without his care I would not be here today in the condition I am in.

Thank you so much!!!