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Certified Medical Assistant

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Coordinating complex referrals for patients to Neuro Oncology- this involves obtaining discs from Valley, calling pathology and sending tissue to correct hospital pathology dept.
  • Making a packet of information needed for Neuro-oncologist and communicating with family.
  • Coordinating pain management referrals for patients and sending required information to PM (demos, MRI’s, MD notes and script.)
  • Meet with patients and provide them prescriptions for future radiology tests and obtain brief medical history
  • Coordinating GKRS/Rad referrals for patients (demos, discs, MD notes, pathology and all operative reports)
  • Setting up complex test (CT Myelogram, MRI with anesthesia, and CT guided biopsies)
  • Coordinate lab work needed prior to imaging
  • Coordinating peer to peer with the nurse and assistant on any test that may be denied and follow up on them
  • Receive ER consults and send to appropriate PA or MD
  • Maintaining imaging log/specialist log/disability log
  • Scan and email, clinicals, to be sent for pre-cert
  • Send reports to MD to review through EHR and ensure that all charts are complete prior to patient appointment
  • Call patients who are due for CT/MRI/X-rays
  • PT/OT management for established patients, write Rx, sign forms that are faxed in
  • Check the status of medical records request
  • Filling out disability paperwork for pts having surgery
  • Cleaning rooms after pt use and contact tracing with our covid app for pts coming into the office
  • Other duties as assigned

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