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Eliminate your pain.

Choosing to have minimally invasive spine surgery in NJ or NYC can be a great way to relieve your back, neck or sciatica pain. With surgery comes questions, concerns and the search for the right surgeon.

At Neurosurgeons of New Jersey, we pride ourselves on making sure our patients have all their questions answered so that they can feel comfortable throughout the whole process.

Having Spine Surgery in NJ

How do I know minimally invasive spine surgery is right for me?

The best way to know if minimally invasive spine surgery is right for you is to be evaluated by one of our surgeons or with a local surgeon with specific training and expertise in minimally invasive spine surgery. They’ll get to know you, your medical history and they’ll detail whether they feel you’re the right candidate for surgery.

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Spine Surgery Questions

I have some concerns about minimally invasive spine surgery.

Being concerned about having surgery is a completely normal feeling. We know you’ll have questions about minimally invasive spine surgery, what to expect from surgery to recovery and so much more. Let’s explore some of the common questions and concerns that have you thinking twice about surgery.

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Finding a Spine Surgeon in NJ

I have to find the right minimally invasive spine surgeon.

When your doctor recommends spine surgery, there are some things you should consider to be sure you find the right surgeon. Remember, not all surgeons are created equal, so finding the right one is essential. These are the traits that we’ve seen in some of NJ’s best minimally invasive spine surgeons.

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