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Stimulator Placement

What is Stimulator Placement?

Stimulator placement is a technique that does not require extensive surgery. Rather, this procedure is a method of treatment that aims to stimulate the facial nerves using electrodes, which are metal wires that produce mild electrical signals.

What Does a Stimulator Placement Consist Of?

The procedure begins by the doctor laying you on your back. Then, you will receive a shot of a local anesthetic to numb your face. Once the area is completely numbed, the doctor will then place a small electrode under the skin.

Once under the skin, they will use a CAT scan to ensure that the electrode is positioned in a location that will effectively treat your pain. After the location is identified, the doctor will connect the electrode to an external stimulator, which is a small device that will emit tiny electrical pulses to your nerve.

Following the procedure, you will undergo a trial period to see if stimulator placement is the right facial pain treatment for you. This trial typically begins with an overnight hospital stay. If the treatment seems successful, you will be released with instructions on how to use the stimulator at home.

Once home, you will monitor how your pain is during the remainder of the trial. If the stimulator can reduce pain enough, you will revisit your doctor. At this time, they will remove the temporary device and implant a permanent connection to the electrode.