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Our Advantage

Neurosurgeons of New Jersey is home to a sub-specialized team of neurosurgeons dedicated to the study and treatment of various types of brain tumors. Our focus is to create a patient-centered atmosphere and an individually tailored treatment plan to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome.

We remain your biggest advocates throughout every step of the treatment process. Together, we can help determine which treatment option is best for you and your particular case.

New York City’s top surgeons, right here in New Jersey.

Many patients mistakingly believe they need to travel to New York City to obtain the most effective treatments, not realizing the abundance of expertise located here in the Metropolitan area.

As one of the largest neurosurgical practices in the Tri-State Area, Neurosurgeons of New Jersey has an extensive network of the top brain tumor surgeons and hospitals in the country, including affiliations with medical centers such as New York-Presbyterian / Columbia University Medical Center, Valley Hospital and St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center.

He was engaged, open and friendly with me and my family… His knowledge and experience should give anyone confidence before their first appointment. My family and I thank you… the surgery changed my life.

Patient Success Stories

“Dr. Cobb's knowledge and skill surpasses all others. He took the time to discuss my surgery in detail with the utmost patience. The surgery itself was a huge success and not for a second did I feel as though I had a 6 hour operation on my brain. I could never repay what Dr. Cobb has done for my family and me. We are forever grateful..."

M. AslamiPatient

“I could not recommend a better brain surgeon in the Tri-State area. My case was an emergency and Dr. D'Ambrosio and his staff were way above average in handling the paperwork, explanations, surgery and all the prep that had to be done beforehand. Highly recommended! 4 Stars for pre-op, post-op, the hospital stay and the follow-up visits.”

John R.Patient

“First rate, very professional, very easy to talk to and will take the time necessary to explain everything and answer all of your questions. Dr. Olsen & Dr. Estin are a great team. Removed a brain tumor from me with great success! I have nothing but the highest praise for both doctors!”


Our Affiliations

Award Winning Doctors

The doctors here at Neurosurgeons of New Jersey continually strive to be leaders in their fields, and our annual award recognitions exemplify our dedication to both our patients and our individual focuses.

Meet our team

A Modern Approach To Treatment

Patient-Centered Care

At Neurosurgeons of New Jersey, we have a patient-centered treatment philosophy, that is our patients come first. Our mission is to provide patients with outstanding care by the best neurosurgeons in the country and achieve excellent outcomes.

Proven Treatment Paths

We are committed to providing patients with the most appropriate evidence-based approach for addressing their treatment needs. An advantage of our practice is that our patients are directed to the surgeons who specialize in their particular brain tumor.

Dedicated Neuro ICU

Our dedicated Neuro ICU at Valley Hospital of Ridgewood is staffed with surgeons and medical staff trained specifically in the treatment of brain tumors. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to make your post-operative stay and recovery process go as smoothly and as comfortably as possible.

Latest in Medical Technology

While standard procedures will always prevail in particular cases, our practice is dedicated to taking full advantage of the latest technology available for brain tumor treatment, often as a conjunctive treatment method. Some of these include Gamma Knife Perfexion, True Beam and TomoTherapy.

Clinical Trials

Many surgeons from our team have collaborated with each other and other surgeons in the field to publish studies in their specialties, as well as perform research that explores new approaches for treating a vast degree of neurological conditions.

Nurse Navigator

As a service to our patients, we offer a pre-surgical information session led by our highly experienced nurse practitioner, Ann Finck. The info session aims to inform our patients and put them at ease as they prepare for surgery.

Personalized treatment plans: from start to finish.