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Dr. Estin finishing the Philadelphia Marathon last Fall

Neurosurgeon Dr. David Estin is truly a marathoner. First, becoming a neurosurgeon is a marathon in itself.  Like many neurosurgeons, his practice regularly includes marathon brain and spine surgeries. On top of all that, though, Dr. Estin is also an actual marathon runner.

Dr. Estin began running with his father when he was in high school. “We began running together on weekends. I still remember the 8.5 mile loop we used to do,” he says.

“My first marathon was in New York ten years ago.  I’ve also done the Chicago and Marine Corps marathons, in addition to the Philadelphia Marathon last fall. It’s a great hobby and way to keep in shape. You can burn significant calories in a relatively short amount of time, which is important when you don’t have a lot of free time.”

It takes discipline and tenacity to train for a marathon. Finishing requires the ability to push your body beyond its comfort zone and beyond its reasonable limits. Dr. Estin says, “It’s a mental game and a matter of will. The body’s natural endorphin discharge in response to completing a grueling race provides a great sense of well-being, satisfaction and accomplishment.”

Similarly, some of the surgeries he performs can be a marathon. He says, “The most complex surgeries can take up to twenty-four hours to complete, requiring much endurance and patience, but resulting in the gratification of having saved a life and satisfaction in a job well done.”

Way to go Dr. Estin!



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