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Everyone experiences low back pain or neck pain at one time or another. Symptoms coming from your spine may cause pain, weakness or numbness and tingling in your arms or legs. If you have back or neck pain, then you understand how the symptoms can prevent you from enjoying your normal work and recreational activities.

Low back or neck pain can often be treated with conservative measures. These may include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Spinal injections
  • Chiropractic care
  • Medications and rest

If you have attempted conservative treatment for your spinal pain but your symptoms persist, your doctor may recommend you consider spine surgery to correct your problem. If minimally invasive spine surgery is recommended, you probably have many questions and concerns.

One major concern that is common for patients considering minimally invasive spinal surgery in NJ is the financial burden of a surgical spine procedure. Who will pay for the procedure? Will you be able to afford spine surgery? Are there any hidden costs that you should consider when spine surgery is recommended?

By learning about minimally invasive spinal surgery in NJ and by understanding the financial impact of the procedure, you can be prepared for your procedure and can focus on your recovery after the surgery.

Minimally invasive spinal surgery cost: factors described

There are many different variables that should be considered when you are learning about the financial cost of minimally invasive spinal surgery in NJ. Some of these factors are in your control; others may not be.

Health insurance

The type of health insurance that you carry may have an effect on the cost of minimally invasive spine surgery in NJ. Some insurance plans require that you pay a co-payment when you have your surgery.

Other plans may require that you meet a deductible before coverage goes into effect. Some plans have an out-of-pocket maximum amount that serves as a stopgap measure.

Surgical procedure performed

The type of spine surgery your doctor chooses to perform for your condition may have an effect on the cost of your procedure. Some minimally invasive spine surgeries are covered by insurance companies while others are not.

Your specific procedure can alter the overall cost, so understanding what is to be done during surgery is paramount when considering minimally invasive spinal surgery in NJ.

Surgical facilities

The best surgical spine care facilities have state of the art equipment. Finding a facility that uses up-to-date imaging devices and surgical suites should be of vital importance.

Equally as important are doctors who practice innovative spine care techniques, like minimally invasive surgery.

Having nurses and technicians with experience in treating patients with spinal tumors is also a major factor. Having a great staff who know to properly care for your individual needs can make a world of difference when you are recovering from spinal tumor surgery.

Great spine surgery facilities understand that while state-of-the-art equipment is important, having a nursing and technician staff who properly care for their patients is critical.

Travel cost to and from your surgical center

When considering spine surgery, many people place too much focus on the big hospitals in metropolitan areas. But minimally invasive spinal surgery in NJ makes more sense when considering the financial implications.

Ease of travel–for both you and your family or friends–to and from the surgical center has an effect on the overall cost of your spine surgery.

Neurophysiologists and surgical assistants

For some surgeries, additional staff such as a neurophysiologist or surgical assistant may need to be present. These specialists will need to be compensated for their individual expertise and may or may not be in the same network as your surgeon.

If they are not in your network, they will be billed separately and will often result in an additional cost to you.

Postoperative care

Once your surgery is complete, you may require specialized services to help you fully recover. A short course of physical therapy may be necessary to learn exercises to help you recover and prevent future spine problems.

When considering minimally invasive spine surgery, be sure to ask your doctor about the expected postoperative care that may be necessary after your procedure.

Before you consider minimally invasive spinal surgery in NJ, you must call your insurance company to understand the financial implications involved. Some New Jersey neurosurgeons have insurance and billing specialists that can assist you in understanding your insurance coverage and your financial responsibility related to your surgery.

Spinal surgery hidden costs: what should I expect?

Some of the cost of minimally invasive spine surgery in NJ is easy to calculate. Other costs may be hidden and difficult to ascertain.

When considering any surgical procedure, you may be required to miss some time at work during your recovery. Many employers offer short term disability assistance, so check in with your employer to see how this may affect your personal finances.

Time off for your family members may affect them as well, so make sure anyone involved in your care is prepared. An active person having minimally invasive spine surgery may be required to take a month or two off from recreational athletics or fitness routines.

Be sure to place your monthly gym membership on hold and check in with any recreational sports leagues that you participate in to see if you can get a prorated discount for time missed during your recovery period.

Most patients require very little medication after minimally invasive spine surgery. Still, you should consider the cost of medication after your procedure during the immediate postoperative period.

Minimally invasive spinal surgery in NJ

When considering minimally invasive spinal surgery in NJ, you must factor in all obvious and hidden costs. Minimally invasive spine surgery may be a better choice for you because it offers patients quick healing times with less pain and less need for costly medication or extensive rehabilitation. A faster healing time also means a rapid return to work and recreational activity.

The cost of minimally invasive spine surgery is only one factor when considering a procedure for your back or neck pain. Another important variable: finding the right surgeon.

By working with a trusted, professional surgeon who listens and responds to your specific needs, you can be certain to have the best value for your health care dollars.
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