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Everything you need to know about
minimally invasive spine surgery

About minimally invasive spine surgery

Understanding minimally invasive spine surgery before undergoing your procedure can help you achieve peace of mind during your treatment journey. We know you’ll have questions regarding what to expect, recovery time and so much more. Our neurosurgeons and caring staff are available to address all of your questions and concerns to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

What is the difference between minimally invasive spine surgery and open spine surgery?
A deeper look into minimally invasive spine surgery
What are the benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery?
How long is recovery from minimally invasive surgery?

How to find a minimally invasive spine surgeon?

Wherever you are in the process of treating your spinal condition, you want to be sure you select the right surgeon. A qualified spine surgeon will have years of experience, a great bedside manner and will be able to address all of your questions and concerns. Most importantly, your surgeon should make you feel entirely comfortable with your treatment.

What makes a good surgeon?
How to choose a surgeon