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Finding the right surgical center or hospital for your spinal pain can have a profound effect on your recovery.

Research indicates that nearly everyone at one time or another will suffer from low back pain, neck pain or sciatica. The symptoms coming from your spine may interfere with your normal everyday work and recreational activities, and they may make simple tasks like walking or sitting difficult or impossible.

Symptoms that typically come from your low back or neck may include:

  • Back pain or neck pain
  • Pain in your buttocks, thigh or lower leg
  • Pain in your shoulder blade or arm
  • Numbness or tingling in your leg or hand
  • Weakness in your hand, leg or ankle
  • Changes in your bowel or bladder function, a dangerous condition called cauda equina syndrome

If you have any of these symptoms, call your doctor right away so that you can get an accurate diagnosis of your condition and get started on the right treatment for your back or neck pain. Many times, spinal problems can be successfully treated with conservative measures like physical therapy, exercise or spinal injections.

Sometimes, your back or neck condition is severe, and spinal surgery may be recommended to help you manage your symptoms and return to normal activity.

If your doctor recommends spinal surgery, it is important to make sure that you find the right New Jersey spine surgery center or hospital for your condition. Doing so can make your spinal surgical experience and recovery a smooth process.

Finding a Great Spine Surgery Center in New Jersey

When seeking out the best spine surgical center or hospital for your back or neck pain, there are a few things you can do. These may include:

  • Asking your family physician
  • Asking family members or friends
  • Searching for highly ranked surgery centers on the internet

Finding a top rated spine surgical center or hospital in New Jersey may take a little work, but by asking the right people–doctors and patients– about their experiences with spinal surgery, you can find the best facility to treat your back or neck condition.

Characteristics of a Top Rated Spine Center

What makes an excellent spinal surgical center? What sets the top rated surgery centers apart from a mediocre one?

There are a few different characteristics that make a spine surgical center or hospital a top rated facility. These may include:

  • Employs professionals who are compassionate and understanding about your condition
  • Use innovative diagnostic and surgical procedures
  • Works with you to help you understand insurance requirements and responsibilities
  • Includes you and your family in the decision making process

The best spine surgery centers in NJ treat all patients, and their family members, with respect and courtesy. They offer comprehensive services with innovative diagnostic and surgical suites in a clean, modern facility. Most importantly, they provide patient centered care with goals of helping you have the best possible outcome with your spine surgery.

The Best Doctors in the Best Surgical Center Make the Difference

One of the simplest ways to find the best spine surgical center or hospital in NJ is by finding a top rated neurosurgeon to perform your spinal surgery. Doctors with excellent reputations typically practice in top rated surgical spine centers or hospitals.

So what are some characteristics of a top rated spinal surgeon? Common traits of the best neurosurgeons in New Jersey include:

  • Practice a patient centered approach to care
  • Listen carefully and respectfully to your questions and concerns
  • Offers you a variety of treatments for your condition and doesn’t try to push you into having spine surgery
  • Understands the effect that your spinal pain has on your normal active lifestyle
  • Works with compassionate professionals who take a genuine interest in your condition

When meeting with your doctor to discuss spine surgery, you should feel a high level of trust in your physician. He or she should answer your questions and help you feel at ease about your decision to have spine surgery. Your relationship with your neurosurgeon should feel like a therapeutic alliance–you and your doctor working together so you can have the best possible outcome with your spine surgery.

Is Spine Surgery Right for You?

When facing spine surgery, many people wonder if spine surgery is the right thing to do. All surgery carries with it some sort of risks. Your doctor should discuss the risks–and benefits–of your spine surgery with you so you understand what to expect during your surgery and recovery.

To fully evaluate if spine surgery is right for you, consider how your back or neck pain affects your day-to-day activities. Does your condition prevent you from enjoying your normal active lifestyle or work responsibilities? How is your family time affected by your pain?

If your back or neck pain prevents you from engaging in your regular activities, it may be in your best interest to consider a definitive treatment in spine surgery.

Considering spine surgery can be a difficult process. Finding the best New Jersey surgical spine center or hospital is an important step in the process. The best spine center, paired with a trusted neurosurgeon who treats you with respect and professionalism can ensure that you have a positive experience and a favorable outcome with your spine surgery.
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