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No one wants to hear the news that a spinal tumor is causing their back pain. Spinal tumors are scary. This is especially true because the most appropriate treatment for many tumors is surgery. If you have a spinal tumor, you need to find a neurosurgeon who can offer you the proper surgery to quickly and safely help you get back to your normal lifestyle.

When facing spinal tumor surgery, many people just like yourself have numerous questions. Will the surgery hurt? Will I miss time at work or with my family? Will my insurance cover the cost of the procedure?

One of the most important questions: where can I have spinal tumor surgery in Bergen County, NJ?

Although there may be several hospitals and orthopedic or neurosurgical practices that can perform your spinal tumor surgery, only a handful of neurosurgeons in Bergen County, NJ may have the best training and expertise to address your tumor.

Spinal tumor surgery can be a frightening experience. Finding a neurosurgeon who is a leader in the field of tumor surgery and works in a top-rated facility can help put your mind at ease about having the procedure.

What makes a great spine surgery facility?

To find the right spine surgery facility in Bergen County, NJ, you need to understand what features are included in a great spine surgical practice. Some features to look for in a top-rated spine surgery facility include:

  • Doctors who practice innovative spine care techniques. Many surgeons continue to practice surgical techniques that were developed years ago. Great spine care facilities employ doctors who use innovative approaches, like minimally invasive surgical techniques, to spine care.
  • Facilities that have state of the art equipment. When considering spinal tumor surgery, finding facilities that use up to date imaging devices and surgical suites should be sought out.
  • Nurses and technicians with experience in treating patients with spinal tumors. The staff members who care for you can make a world of difference when you are recovering from spinal tumor surgery. Great spine surgery facilities understand that state of the art equipment is important, but the staff who care for the patients is paramount.
  • Consideration of each patient’s individual needs. A great spine care facility understands how your spinal tumor is affecting your life. These facilities take into account your entire clinical picture when caring for your spinal tumor.

Why get your spinal tumor surgery in Bergen County NJ?

When considering spinal tumor surgery, Bergen County, NJ is not the first locale that comes to mind. Many people feel that traveling into NYC for spinal tumor surgery is required for the best care. This simply is not true.  The expertise to treat your tumor exists outside of the city, but it must be sought out carefully.

Working with doctors and staff members in a facility in Bergen County, NJ means that you can remain closer to home for your procedure and for follow up care. Travel into the city can be difficult for you and for family members who are caring for you during your recovery. A great spine care facility should be easily accessible to you when considering your spinal tumor surgery.

Openness and honesty: don’t settle for less

A spinal tumor is a serious diagnosis, and proper care requires a surgeon who understands all aspects of treatment. The right surgeon for you should listen to and answer your questions and concerns. He or she should spend time outlining the risks and benefits associated with spinal tumor surgery, and he or she should discuss alternative treatments with you.

Your spine surgeon should operate in a modern facility with state of the art equipment using innovative techniques. The staff of the facility should be courteous, professional and treat you with respect while you are there. When considering spinal tumor surgery in Bergen County, NJ, ask the doctor you meet with about his or her qualifications and the type of surgical center that he or she operates in.

Most importantly, you neurosurgeon should be open and honest with you, providing you and your family with the right information about your spinal tumor surgery so you can make an informed decision about your procedure. You should feel comfortable with your doctor and that you both are working in a therapeutic alliance to manage your spinal tumor.

Finding the right doctor to perform your spinal tumor surgery in Bergen County, NJ should be one of the first things you do when you get your diagnosis. By asking a lot of questions about your doctor and the surgical facility in which he or she operates, you can be sure to find the best doctor for you.

Feeling confident in your choice of doctor for your spinal tumor surgery can help you stay focused on your recovery back to your normal active lifestyle.