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If you have back pain, sciatica or arm pain from a pinched nerve in your neck, then you understand how the pain can prevent you from enjoying your normal activities.

Your doctor may recommend that you attempt conservative treatments like chiropractic or physical therapy to help alleviate your symptoms. If conservative treatments like injections fail to adequately control your pain, you may be a candidate for surgery.

The goal of surgery for your spine is to take pressure off your spinal nerves. This can eliminate your pain and improve your ability to perform your everyday work and recreational activities.

If your physician recommends a visit to a spine surgeon in New Jersey, you need to do some work to find the best one for your specific condition. Not all spine surgeries are the same, and not all spine doctors are the same.

Finding the right doctor to perform your spine surgery may mean the difference between lingering back pain and returning to your normal, pain-free active lifestyle.

Finding a Spine Doctor in NJ: Where To Begin

Finding the best surgeon may seem like a daunting task. When searching for a top-rated spine doctor in NJ, you can utilize various resources during your search. The best resources that can help you find a spine surgeon include:

  • A referral from your family physician. Many times your family doctor will be able to make a referral to an excellent surgeon for you. Your doctor may have other patients who have been treated by some of the best neurosurgeons in New Jersey, and he or she know which doctors offer excellent customer service and have the best outcomes with spine surgery.
  • Speaking with family members and friends. Many times, family members or friends may have had a good experience with a spine doctor in NJ. Most people who have had a positive experience with a medical professional are happy to share their story. Likewise, people who have had a negative experience with a doctor can tell you which surgeons to avoid.
  • Using the internet to search for qualified doctors. Many websites on the internet offer valuable information about local doctors and surgeons. These sites allow users to rate their experience with a doctor, offer information about bedside manner, cleanliness of the office and how professional the doctor’s staff behaved. Doing a quick search for New Jersey spine doctors is sure to give you insight about who is qualified to perform your spine surgery.
  • Visit with a few different doctors. The best way to find a spine doctor in NJ is to visit a few different ones. Ask a lot of questions about your condition, and make note of the types of surgery that the doctor performs. Get a feel for the doctor’s bedside manner and the level of respect they give you while meeting with them. Be open and honest; if you are going to get a second opinion, tell the doctor. Most top-rated doctors welcome patients who are savvy healthcare consumers and may even be able to recommend other surgeons who you can meet with.

Once you have done your search for a spine doctor in New Jersey, you will have to make a decision about receiving your care from one of them. Remember that not all doctors or spine care clinics are the same, so be sure to find the best doctor for your specific condition.

You Deserve the Services of a Top Spine Doctor in NJ

How do you know which spine doctor is the best for you? What are the traits of the top-rated spine surgeons in New Jersey? Some characteristics to look for in a spine doctor in NJ include:

  • Practices innovative techniques like minimally invasive spine surgery.
  • Ensures that you have engaged in active conservative care like physical therapy and exercise.
  • Does not force surgery on you and does not seem like he or she is giving you the “hard sell” for surgery.
  • Prescribes medication wisely and is cautious about giving patients opioid medications that may be habit forming.
  • Is a leader in their field who engages in research and education.
  • Has a bedside manner that is professional and respectful that helps to put you at ease.

The right doctor for you should understand how your condition is affecting your life. He or she should understand that your pain is preventing you from enjoying your normal work and recreational activities.

Choosing the Right Spine Doctor for Your Needs

One of the most important characteristics of an excellent spine surgeon is good listening skills. Your doctor should be able to listen to and answer all of your questions and concerns about your spinal problem and your pending surgery without making you feel rushed or pressured to make a decision.

A good doctor will be able to offer you different treatment options for your condition, and he or she will be able to inform you of the risks and benefits associated with each option.

Most importantly, the relationship you have with your spine doctor should feel like a therapeutic alliance. Your doctor should work with you and your family to offer the best care possible that helps you recover fully and return to your previous level of function.

Managing back pain, a pinched nerve or sciatica can be a difficult task, and facing spine surgery may make you feel anxious and scared. Finding the best doctor in New Jersey who understands your condition is of paramount importance and may be the key to a successful return to your previous active lifestyle.
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