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If you have low back pain, sciatica or neck pain due to a pinched nerve in your neck, you may benefit from conservative treatments to help you feel and move better. If those treatments fail to give you adequate relief of your symptoms, your doctor may recommend spine surgery to definitively correct your problem.

If you are facing spine surgery, you likely have many questions. Will the surgery hurt? When can I get back to my normal, active lifestyle after the surgery? Does it matter where I have my surgery done?

It does matter where you have your spine surgery done and who performs your surgical procedure. As many New Jersey residents have found, not all New Jersey spine surgery centers are the same.

The Qualities of an Excellent Spine Surgery Facility

When facing spine surgery, you owe it to yourself to find the best facility for your condition. Many people make healthcare decisions based on location – facilities closer to home may be chosen first. But you should choose the spine surgery center that offers the best care for your condition, not simply the facility that is closest to your home.

So what should you look for in an NJ spine surgery center? Qualities of an excellent spine surgery facility include:

  • Professional staff
  • Patient centered facilities with healthcare workers who understand that different aspects that affect your condition
  • Modern equipment that offers innovative treatments like minimally invasive spine surgery
  • Doctors who are leaders in their field and who treat their patients with professionalism and respect

While a modern facility with state-of-the-art equipment is important, it should not be the only variable you look for in a NJ spine surgery facility. When you have spine surgery, you want to be surrounded by a friendly, professional staff that understands your specific situation.

The surgical center care team should treat you with kindness and compassion, and they should ensure that they are an active participant in your care and recovery. The right people can make all the difference when it comes to spine care.

Finding the Right Facility For Your Spine Surgery in NJ

When deciding on the right hospital or surgery center in NJ, you should look for a facility you feel comfortable with. The hospital or surgery center should work with you, your family and your insurance company to make sure that your surgical procedure goes smoothly. That way, you can focus on your recovery and achieve the best possible outcome with your spine surgery in NJ.

Some spine surgery centers in the Tri-state area offer “concierge” services that may look or sound good but do not offer much in the way of improved outcomes for your spine surgery. Fluffy pillows and a good view of the river may be nice, but they do not improve your overall spine surgery experience.

The right facility for you should include services that enhance your overall recovery and make the process of getting back to your active lifestyle a simple and seamless experience.

A Top Surgeon At a Top Facility Makes All The Difference

Not all New Jersey spine surgery centers are alike, and not all surgeons are the same. When you are facing spine surgery, you want to ensure that your doctor has experience with performing different types of surgeries using modern techniques. Your surgeon should also be a leader in academic research and education.

While technical know-how and expertise are important, you also want to find a doctor who is compassionate and professional. Your doctor should understand your individual health needs and respectfully answer all of your questions and concerns prior to your surgery.

After your surgery, your doctor should follow your progress during your recovery. He or she should ensure that your back or neck is healing properly, and if you require physical therapy or post-operative rehabilitation, your doctor can help you find a good therapist who can guide you in your rehab.

Spinal problems like back pain or cervical radiculopathy can take an emotional toll on your body, with increased stress due to pain, loss of time at work and decreased ability to engage in your normal recreational and athletic activities.

A top spine surgeon understands that spine surgery does not only involve the surgical procedure. It involves listening to you and understanding how your condition is affecting your work, your family time and other responsibilities. Only a few spine surgeons in New Jersey understand the human factor when dealing with patients.

Choosing to have your spine surgery in a top-rated facility with a professional, compassionate neurosurgeon may mean the difference between a stellar outcome and an outcome that is less than perfect.

When looking for a spine hospital or surgery center in New Jersey, you should find a facility with professional doctors who are leaders in their field and nurses who understand your condition and the variables that lead to an optimal outcome with your surgery.
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