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If you are dealing with low back pain, sciatica or neck pain, then you understand how your symptoms can make your life difficult. The pain, numbness and tingling or loss of mobility can make sitting, walking or working nearly impossible.

There may be several different causes to your spinal pain. Some problems that may cause back or neck pain may include:

  • Spinal stenosis
  • Herniated or bulging discs
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Facet joint arthritis
  • Degenerative disc disease

If you have pain coming from your back or neck, you should visit your doctor right away to determine the cause of your pain and to start treatment for your condition. Many people with spinal pain can manage their symptoms effectively with exercise, physical therapy or injections.

For some people, the pain may be so severe that your doctor recommends spinal surgery procedures to correct your problem. If your doctor recommends surgery, it is important that you do certain things to ensure that you get the best possible care.

One of the first actions you should take when facing spine surgery is finding the best spinal surgical center to treat your condition.

Where Should You Have Spine Surgery?

Many northern New Jersey residents feel that traveling into New York City is required when considering spine surgery. They have come to believe the large, metropolitan hospitals are the best place to be when having spine surgery.

Finding a top rated spine surgery facility in Bergen County, NJ is possible if you know what features you should look for in a spine center. Characteristics of a top rated spine center include:

  • Employing doctors who are experts in their field and who use innovative surgical techniques
  • Employing professionals who treat patients with respect and courtesy
  • Using modern diagnostic and surgical equipment
  • Providing patients and their families comprehensive care

Locating a spine surgery facility that employs compassionate professionals and top rated neurosurgeons can help make your spine surgery experience a positive one.

Benefits of Having Spine Surgery Procedures in Bergen County, NJ

When considering spine surgery for back or neck pain, there are certain benefits to having your spine surgery procedures in Bergen County, NJ. First, travel time is significantly reduced when having your surgery closer to home. This makes it easy for family members and friends to be with you as you recover from your surgery.

Once it is time to leave the surgical center, you do not want to spend the entire day crammed in a car making your way out of the city. By having your surgical procedure in Bergen County, NJ, you can be sure to quickly get home after your discharge from the surgical facility so you can begin your recovery.

Traveling to a large metropolitan city for surgery also means that parking and travel costs may be elevated. Spine surgery may be a significant medical expense and finding ways to manage any out-of-pocket costs to you can help you save money on the procedure. Having your surgery in a facility that offers easy parking and travel options can keep your personal expenses at a minimum for your surgery.

Many New York City spine surgery hospitals are overcrowded and you may find that surgery there is a very impersonal experience. Choosing to have your spine surgery procedures in Bergen County, NJ means that you can enjoy personalized care from compassionate professionals who understand your desire to have comprehensive spine care in a comfortable environment.

Having your spine surgery procedure close to home in Bergen County, New Jersey means that you can focus your attention on your recovery. And although finding the right spine surgical center is important, working with the best neurosurgeon for your condition is of equal importance.

Find the Best Doctor for Your Condition

Finding the best neurosurgeon to perform your spinal surgery procedure is an important step when considering surgery to correct your back pain or neck pain. Working closely with the right doctor can help keep your mind at ease about having surgery. There are ways to find the best doctor for you, including:

  • Asking your family doctor about NJ neurosurgeons who can treat your spinal pain
  • Asking family members or friends about their personal experiences with spine surgeons
  • Searching for reviews on the internet about NJ neurosurgeons

The best way to find the right neurosurgeon for you is to meet with one or two. Your doctor should take the time to meet with you and discuss your condition and how surgery can be of benefit to you. He or she should listen to your concerns about surgery and answer any questions you may have.

Your neurosurgeon should be able to offer you alternatives to surgery in many cases, and you should feel a certain level of trust that he or she is working in your best interest. Your doctor’s staff should also treat you with kindness and respect. Working with the right medical professionals-in the right spine surgery facility-can help you have a positive surgical experience with superior outcomes.

Why should you choose to have spine surgery procedure in a Bergen County, NJ facility? Avoiding the chaos of NYC, saving money and time on travel and being close to home can make a positive difference during your recovery from spine surgery. Working with a top rated neurosurgeon in the best Bergen County spine center can help you focus on returning to your normal active lifestyle after your spinal surgery.

The Neurosurgeons of NJ medical practice, located in Bergen County, NJ, is staffed with compassionate, caring professionals who understand how back and neck pain affect all aspects of your life. Contact us to meet with one of our professionals in order to learn about how spine surgery can help you return to your normal, pain free activities.
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