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Complex care, clarified.


A patient-centered philosophy.

At Neurosurgeons of New Jersey, we have a patient-centered treatment philosophy, which is our patients come first. Our mission is to provide patients with outstanding care by the best neurosurgeons in the country and achieve excellent outcomes.

My surgery was a huge success and I am finally living a pain-free life! The surgical team was amazing and made me feel safe and comfortable. Words can never express my gratitude and love I have for this team!

We’re here to help.


Each of our 19 physicians work in very particular areas of medicine. At our practice, we seek to break way from the mantra of “doing it all,” as each team is focused specifically on their respective specialties.


We’ve successfully provided treatment and relief for countless patients. At Neurosurgeons of New Jersey, you can be confident that your doctor has had years of experience treating your condition.


Surgery doesn’t have to be the only treatment option. We aim to educate our patients on their particular condition and develop a treatment path designed with their goals in mind, whether it includes surgery or not.

Areas of Excellence

An ever-growing number of surgical specialists, sub-specialists and a dedicated nursing team combine to deliver outstanding care.

Neurosurgeons of New Jersey

Facial Wellness

Dr. Anthony D’Ambrosio has developed a practice that is built on extensive industry experience and exceptional patient care.

Neurosurgeons of New Jersey

Minimally Invasive Spine

We offer the highest level of expertise in an array of minimally invasive spinal procedures for the treatment of disk problems, stenosis, tumors, fractures, deformity and instability.

Cerebrovascular Medicine

We provide comprehensive treatment for blood vessel disorders of the brain. We evaluate our patients to find the best evidence-based approach for their specific condition.

Brain Tumors

Our multidisciplinary teams of specialists and neurosurgeons have extensive expertise in diagnosing and treating an array of different brain tumors.

Chiari Malformation

Our Chiari specialists have experience working with patients of all ages diagnosed with a Chiari malformation. You can rely on our doctors to walk you through every step of the process.

All Specialties

We have teams of specialists for each of our other focuses, including peripheral nerve conditions, movement disorders, endovascular medicine, epilepsy and pediatrics.

We’re affiliated with some of the best hospitals in New Jersey.

The first
Neurological Institute
of New York
at 149 East 67th Street

We’re proud of our roots.

The first medical students came from Cornell University, soon followed by students from Columbia University in 1921. In 1925, the Neurological Institute and Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center decided to join forces.

The site of the new Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, with the associated Neurological Institute, was between Broadway and Riverside Drive, from 165th to 168th Street, the location of a former ballpark for the New York Yankees.

We practice what we preach.

Personalized treatment plans: from start to finish.