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Once you receive a diagnosis of a pituitary tumor, the next step is to find a neurosurgeon to perform your treatment. Because your pituitary tumor is located in a delicate area of the brain, you will want to find someone with experience and specialized training in treating your condition.

To help you keep informed during this process, the following guide will help you determine what to look for in a pituitary neurosurgeon, as well as highlight some of the top pituitary neurosurgeons in the New Jersey area. This can give you a jumping-off point as you begin your search for the right person to perform your pituitary tumor treatment.

What Qualities Are Important in a Pituitary Neurosurgeon?

As you start looking for a neurosurgeon, it can be helpful to take a few minutes to consider what qualities you personally value and would like to have in your healthcare provider. Make a list of the things that are the most important to you and keep an eye out for similar keywords as you read online reviews or ask friends and family for recommendations.

The qualities that are important to you are a very personal thing, but some traits you may wish to consider include:

  • Experience
  • Trustworthiness
  • Understanding
  • Compassion
  • Confidence

What Other Things Should You Look For?

Besides characteristics of the doctor, there are some other factors you may want to take into consideration. The first is to be sure you are comfortable with the neurosurgeon, the office and the environment. If you don’t feel right about something, do not feel obligated to pursue further treatment there and know you can always get a second opinion.

You should also consider the ability with which the doctor answers all of your questions. This will help you gauge his or her experience with treating pituitary tumors, as well as the doctor’s ability to communicate with you as the patient.

Finally, sometimes there is an unfortunate tendency for a doctor to recommend what he or she specializes in as a primary (or the only) treatment option. For example, an oncologist may recommend radiation therapy, while a surgeon may recommend surgical procedures, neither considering other treatment options. It is important that your neurosurgeon presents you with all available treatment options so you can make a truly informed decision about your health.

Who Are the Top Pituitary Neurosurgeons in New Jersey?

When considering who you would like to perform your pituitary tumor treatment, you will want to be sure you are entrusting your health to an experienced neurosurgeon who can deliver excellent care. The following are some of our top neurosurgeons here at Neurosurgeons of New Jersey who are performing pituitary surgery.

Dr. Anthony D’Ambrosio

Dr. D’Ambrosio is the Director of Neurological Surgery at Valley Hospital, as well as the current President of the New Jersey Neurological Society. He places great value in empowering his patients by helping them better understand their conditions and treatment options, allowing them to take an active role in their healthcare. Dr. D’Ambrosio is a cranial neurosurgeon specializing in the treatment of many conditions of the brain, including pituitary tumors.

Dr. William S. Cobb

Dr. Cobb specializes in the treatment of brain tumors with a focus in neurosurgical oncology, as well as minimally invasive surgical techniques. He is currently the Director of Neurosurgical Oncology at Valley Hospital and is particularly interested in the combination of stereotactic radiosurgery and surgical techniques in the treatment of brain tumors. He and his team focus on working with every individual patient to determine the most appropriate course of treatment because they understand there is no “one-size-fits-all” treatment approach for pituitary tumors.

Your Search for the Right Surgeon

At this point, you should have a better idea of what to look for in a top pituitary neurosurgeon, as well as some background on a few of the pituitary experts in the New Jersey area. Finding the right doctor can be an overwhelming process, but by deciding what qualities are important to you before you begin your search, you can direct your focus to those doctors who seem to be a match at the outset.

Remember, just because you go in for a consult with a neurosurgeon, you are not committed to anything. If you feel uncomfortable or feel like something just isn’t right, trust yourself and seek out a second opinion. It’s important that you entrust your health to someone who will look out for you as an individual and deliver the most appropriate care for your case. This peace of mind will be invaluable during your treatment and recovery process, allowing you to focus on yourself and the healing process.

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